TASCOE Affiliates



TASCOE is an affiliate member of the National Association of FSA County Office Employees (NASCOE), whose mission consists of the following objectives:

  • To assist in every way possible to assure successful operation of the Farm Service Agency and the attainment of the agency’s objective
  • To cooperate with common interest groups and organizations to conserve and improve our nation’s natural resources
  • To secure equitable salaries, working conditions, and retirement provisions for all county office employees
  • To promote professionalism of our workers

To learn more, visit http://www.nascoe.org


TXRASCOE is an association for retired Texas ASCS/FSA employees, though current employees are welcome to join to support TXRASCOE initiatives. TXRASCOE is affiliated with RASCOE, the national association for retirees, and works to convey retiree concerns to Congress. The association also works closely with TASCOE and NASCOE in support of issues affecting current employees. Dues are $30 for both TXRASCOE ($5) and RASCOE ($25). If you would like to join, please send your name, contact information, and dues to:

c/o Jan Wanoreck
4317 Pinion Ridge Dr
San Angelo, TX 76904

FSA has recognized RASCOE as a national, non-labor organization as defined in 5CFR Section 251.101 and this recognition has been added to 22-PM (rev. 1).

This means, RASCOE is recognized as an organization other than a labor organization representing FSA employees that can provide information, views, and services which will contribute to improved agency operations, personnel management, and employee effectiveness. An agency’s consultation and communication with organizations such as RASCOE representing Federal employees may not take on the character of negotiations or consultations regarding conditions of employment of bargaining unit employees, which is reserved exclusively to labor organizations such as NASCOE.

The purposes of these consultations and communications are for the improvement of agency operations, personnel management, and employee effectiveness; the exchange of information (e.g., ideas, opinions, and proposals); and the establishment of policies that best serve the public interest in accomplishing the mission of the agency.

We congratulate RASCOE on this and look forward to the continued constructive, productive relationship NASCOE and RASCOE have with FSA Management.



The National Association of Farmer Elected Committee Members works to promote and improve the farmer elected committee system for the local administration of farm programs. Membership is open to both COC members and FSA employees.

Like the Washington Monument, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, the most important component of the Farm Service Agency is the foundation upon which it stands.  FSA is the only federal agency possessing a ‘grass roots’ foundation of democratically elected farmers.  Representing America’s farmers and ranchers, the local County Committee oversees the administration of farm programs.

County Committees (COC) have a unique foundation of support through the National Association of Farm Elected Committees (NAFEC).  NAFEC supports County Committees’ existence, influence and oversight within FSA.  They promote the local delivery of Congressional farm programs coupled with a good dose of agricultural common sense.

The primary purpose of the National Association of Farm Elected Committees (NAFEC) is, and will always be, to promote and improve the farmer elected committee system for the local administration of farm programs.  The coordinated effort will give us strength, and much more influence in Congress for the kind of farm programs America’s farmers, ranchers and rural communities need in order to thrive.”

Unrestricted by the rules and regulations that employees are subject to, a strong NAFEC presence can influence national change and overcome national barriers thus ensuring farmers’ and ranchers’ interests and needs thrive at the local county level.  In fact, NAFEC can do two things FSA County Committees cannot.  First, NAFEC can request meetings with National FSA leadership to discuss administrative concerns; and, second, NAFEC can discuss program needs directly with Congressional leaders.

With the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill and the need to have adequate staffing and budget, farmers, ranchers, and FSA employees have an unrestricted voice through NAFEC. This strong unified voice can ensure their financial needs and concerns are delivered to and considered by the appropriate political representatives and national office leaders.

Because of NAFEC’s unrestricted voice and tenacity to promote a local farm program delivery system, NASCOE believes in and supports NAFEC.  NASCOE is supporting NAFEC with communications infrastructure and increasing memberships.  Simply put, for NAFEC to better serve farmers, ranchers and FSA employees, NAFEC needs your financial support!

Only FSA County Committee members (past, present, advisors) are eligible for full-voting Regular Memberships within NAFEC; however, any FSA employee, agricultural partner, family member or friend, can support NAFEC’s mission and become an Associate Member. Regular Memberships are $40/year while Associate Memberships are $20/year (or $1 per pay period utilizing form FSA-444).

To learn more, visit http://www.nafecfsa.com/ or check out the PowerPoint presentation below:

To join, complete the membership form below and submit according to the instructions on the bottom of the form.

NAFEC Membership Application