Distinguished Service Awards

The TASCOE/NASCOE Awards Program recognizes both CED’s and PT’s who are TASCOE members with outstanding contributions in the area of service to TASCOE/NASCOE, FSA/Agriculture, or Community Service. Nominations for these awards are competitive and winning nominations will be submitted for consideration for Southwest Area and NASCOE awards in each of the three categories. Award winners also receive travel and lodging to attend the TASCOE convention to be recognized for their service.

Any member of the association is eligible to nominate or be nominated for these honors. Please take the time out to nominate someone in your area for one of these awards. Show someone that all of their hard work, whether it be in community, agriculture, or NASCOE is very much appreciated!

Distinguished Service Award nominations are made online and are due by January 1 each year.  Nothing else motivates like recognition and appreciation!

Awards and Scholarship Handbook (Revised September 2021)
eligibility criteria and award timelines for State, Area, and National announcements

NASCOE DSA Online Nomination Form
Submission deadline is January 15th at 11:00 PM CST. If you have any questions, please email

TASCOE Legends Award

In 2015, the Board of Directors voted to create a new award to recognize current and former TASCOE members who have made significant contributions of service and leadership to TASCOE and left a lasting impact on the association and its members. This award is reserved for those who have gone above and beyond and is only awarded when the Board of Directors agrees that a nominated individual is truly deserving of the TASCOE Legends honor.

The first TASCOE Legends Award was presented to Herb Sorley, who served in numerous capacities with TASCOE and NASCOE throughout his career as a CED. Herb is known nationwide for his leadership and passion for the organization, and TASCOE was proud to recognize him as the first winner of this special award.

NASCOE Extra Mile Award

The NASCOE Extra Mile awards program is a non-competitive award in which certificates are issued to recognize the accomplishments or military service of NASCOE members and their children. To nominate a deserving individual, please fill out the appropriate form below and e-mail to

Extra Mile Nomination Form
Extra Mile Military Nomination Form