The main purpose of the TASCOE Legislative Committee is to stay abreast of current legislation and bring our views and issues to the attention of our representatives. This is accomplished in a variety of ways, from phone calls and visits, to PAC funds and even as far as conducting legislative conferences in Washington, DC. Our Committee strives to keep NASCOE, FSA, and our elected officials aware of issues that County Offices are facing and offer our input into developing solutions to address these issues.

As with any change, the new Farm Bill presents a variety of challenges to FSA Administration, State Offices, and County Offices throughout the nation. It is during these times that voices of County FSA employees need to be heard to provide insight into implementing a new Farm Bill from the “grassroots” level. After all, who gets to see the Farm Bill programs in action more than those who job it is to administer the program at the local level?

Current issues being discussed in the legislative arena include funding for temporary employees to help implement the Farm Bill, the potential streamlining of FSA, a bill to repeal Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision for Civil Service Employees, FERS sick leave benefits, and continuing a moratorium on the closure of FSA Offices, just to name a few.

NASCOE also has a legislative consultant, Hunter Moorhead of Crossroads Strategies, who lobbies for our interest with Congress and has been able to work with department management on our behalf when needed. Hunter has been serving as the legislative consultant for NASCOE since Spring 2013. He joined Crossroads Strategies following 12 years of government service. He has an extensive background in agriculture, including a Bachelor of Science in agricultural economics and time as a legislative assistant and staff director for the Special Crops and Foreign Agricultural Program Subcommittee. Hunter’s knowledge and connections throughout government make him particularly able to service NASCOE members as our legislative consultant and our mission to drive positive change for American agriculture and the Farm Service Agency.


We hope to keep this page posted with current information regarding legislative issues affecting FSA and its employees. We thank all employees for their tireless work and look forward to hearing any concerns, ideas, or suggestions you may have regarding legislative issues.

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